Time for Reel Action

Time For Reel Action (T4RA) is a video compilation of Asia-Pacific Climate Change stories that explores the impacts, the action and the Climate solutions emerging from the region.

The T4RA program is developing strategic partnerships with groups focused on climate change issues to both integrate video into their online strategies and to further support the aims of their campaigns.

There are thousands of urgent climate stories in the Asia-Pacific. T4RA harnesses the potential of video and the web to amplify these stories and their demands for action.

T4RA  reveals deeply personal concerns amongst film-makers across the Asia-Pacific, from the people of Sungai Utik in Kalimantan, struggling to maintain their farms in the face of drastic decline in rainfall, to the impacts of climate change on the coastal communities of Somoa.

View / download the T4RA videos below, subscribe to the video podcast or download the entire compilation via bit-torrent (includes Indonesian sub-titles).

Purchase one of more copies of the T4RA DVD at AUD$15 (+GST for Australian orders) via PayPal (inclusive of postage and handling to anywhere). All monies received is allocated to our Climate Crisis program supporting strategic distribution workshops for climate activists in Asia-Pacific.

The T4RA DVD and online compilation has been produced with the assistance of HiVOS, in collaboration with Friends of the Earth, Glow Alliance and Javin.


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